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Kasteel van Perk – one more photo

One more picture of Kasteel van Perk.
Kasteel van Perk

This is pseudo-HDR made from single RAW file.

Kasteel van Horst

Yesterday evening we went to kasteel van Horst for a walk. Our younger son was sleeping too long in the day and wouldn’t go to bed early in the evening, so we decided to get to Horst.

I just wanted to get a few sunset pics, and hopefully play a little with remote flashes. Well, the latter wasn’t really possible with very active toddler, but I managed to get a few simple pics. This one is HDR from 2 exposures. I am not completely satisfied with the result, particularly at full size but it’s not too bad.

Kasteel van Perk @ sunset

Kasteel van Perk located in Steenokkeerzel. Our friends had a party there last Saturday.
Kasteel van Perk - Perk Castle
The castle is also known as Castle de Ribaucourt and is apparently considered as one of the most beautiful of the Brussels area (I didn’t know that).

I didn’t have much time for walking around and photographing it, but I will indeed add it to my list of future visits.