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The Stockxpert conference is over and I will write a report about it in a few days.

The day after the conference we went around Moscow with Ron Chapple. Ron is a very successfull stock photographer. He has about 35 years of photography experience, he is doing stock photography for over 20 years, and doing very well on microstock with 14 months experience so far.
Ron shoots St.Basil Cathedral

It was a great day. We started early to catch the good light and to avoid too many tourists. As I am a lazy person I would for sure not start so early on my own. I would have missed the opportunity of making pictures in wonderful early morning light that we got. The picture above is St. Basil Cathedral – and the Red Square is just on the opposite side of the Cathedral.

The picture below shows Ron in front of the former KGB building.

Ron in front of former KGB building

As we started at 6 am and stayed on our feet up until 3 pm we got tired and decided to stop. That allowed me to catch one of the workshops that was organized by Russian photographers. They used the opportunity of many Stockxpert contributors being in Moscow for the weekend and organized few events on Sunday – and I catched the last one. The workshop was about studio light and work with model. It was led by photographer Vlad Gansovsky and one of his models. Vlad is Russian nude and stock photographer (,, Workshop was very interactive, and I learned quite a bit (and I truly enjoyed it).

Stockxpert contributor conference

Stockxpert agency organizes contributor conference this Saturday in Moscow, Russia. I will be attending it and I will share my experience in this blog.

I am particularly interested to talk to Ron Chapple who is long time professional photographer, veteran of traditional photo stock and also successful in microstock. The other items of the agenda also look interesting.

iStock was the first microstock agency that started organizing events for it’s contributors on a regular basis – but iStock is community driven so it was quite natural move. The next was LuckyOliver but that startup company didn’t succeed and is being closed down now. Other agencies didn’t organize anything similar so far, so we can consider Stockxpert being the second (although it is doing it very different comparing with iStock).