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Some of my tools

Just a quick note about a couple of tools that I use in my photography process.

As part of my backup process I record my photos on DVDs. I don’t like simplified consumer version of Nero software that came with my DVD writer, so I tried some free tools. I tried several of them which I didn’t like – some for uncomfortable interface (e.g. many clicks needed to add a folder to a disk); some failed during recording (which I wouldn’t expect to happen at all these days with mature technology). Finally I chosen imgburn that I prefer over the others: – reasonable interface; some advanced features, and good reliability.

The other tool that I use often is FTP client. Again I tried several options and for the last year I use Filezilla:, which I know also recommended by many other users.

Blogger blog backup

I found today that one of the blogs I read regularly was completely screwed up. Hacked or failed – anyway all records and comments were lost. So it made me thinking about backing up my own blog while it isn’t too late.

Quick search via google resulted few options, with a free little tool from Codeplex looking like a most complete and easy backup and restore solution.

So far I only used it once for one backup and it worked well. It was very easy to configure; it was fast to make a complete backup of all my posts and comments. I hope I’ll never need a restore option but it seems to be equally easy with that tool.

One remark: I still need to make a backup of my blog template myself (manually).

TinEye – image search service

TinEye opened their service as public beta a few days ago. This is very long waited service that will be very useful for photographers.

Basically it searches the a picture in the internet, but the trick is that it looks for image itself, not text description or file name. Alterations of the image can be found too. When text, logos or other pictures are added on top of my picture, TinEye is still capable to find it. When I am looking for a logo, TinEye will find all pictures where logo is clearly visible.

This is one of my best selling stock pictures:
misty morning
TinEye was able to find a heavily altered version:
misty morning - modified
and even a version with ad picture and text added on top:
misty morning - used in ad

This is great tool for authors to find their pictures in use and also to trace copyright violations. I am already impressed with the result – although the number of images that the system has indexed so far is quite low and very many pictures can not be found yet.

The service isn’t opened publicly – you need to be registered to use it. In order to get registered you either need to get an invitation from them; or apply at their home page (they accepted my request in the same day).