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Neuschwanstein castle

Last week I came back from my trip to Bavaria (or Bayern). I went with my family so I didn’t have too much time for photography and just did a few touristic snaps. We stayed in Schwangau i.e. very close to the famous Neuschwanstein castle:
Neuschwanstein castle

Sunset is very tricky in the mountains – while it is still not dark, the direct sun disappears quickly when the sun goes behind the mountains. I missed nice low sun on the picture above literally for 5 minutes.

Another finding is that the nicest photos of that castle that I’ve seen before are all taken from the spots (on the mountain) not accessible by normal tourists.

Apart from photography we really liked the place. Very nice views – mountains, hills, and many lakes; nice weather; and relaxing atmosphere.

My blog and I are alive :)

I am back from holidays but busy with some urgent things. More meaningful posts due to come soon 😉