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Good time to photograph tulips

It’s great time to photograph tulips now while they are blooming. It’s a long weekend in Belgium and in neighbor countries and the weather is nice. A good place to go is Keukenhof in Netherlands, not far from Hague. Thousands of tulips of all different sorts and colors, and many other flowers.
Red passion

Trying macro photography

I’ve tried macro photography with Canon EF 85mm f1.8 lens having +4 lens attached; and with old manual Russian-made Helios-44 lens + cheap Chinese extension ring.

The option with EF 85mm and +4 lens means full electronic control with autofocus.

Cheap extension ring is a piece of metal only, no electronic connection between camera and lens. This is why I used old Helios-44 – because it has manual aperture control.

The result with EF85 is in general good, but chromatic aberrations are strong on contrasty edges (depending on particular scene of course).

Helios-44 resulted much less CA however the transition between area in focus and completely unsharp part isn’t very pleasant to my eye. EF85 produces a softer blur.

I must note however that the comparison isn’t fair because I tried 2 lens in different conditions. Now as I noticed some interesting point I’ll need to find some time to make a real comparison.