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Sunday shoot in Leuven

The better plan you make, the higher are chances it will fail. So was with my last shoot – the plan was to shoot Thomas in railway station but we were kicked out by police.

Indeed they were formally right – but we were not on people’s way and I wasn’t photographing the station itself; and I photographed in the same station several times in the past… (I think it’s clear by now that I didn’t bother with the official permission). So we had to switch to plan ‘B’ and photograph Thomas near the station but outside.

Although I know the place I still visited it in advance to check possible spots for taking pictures (both in station and around it), and that was helpful. The session lasted only 2 hours but we didn’t loose any time, so it was productive.

I was pleasantly surprised with Thomas. He is only doing modeling for 8 months but he is doing it very well. He understood pretty well what I wanted from him and he did it all nicely and quite naturally.

Just one picture so far as I didn’t have time for retouche/processing:

Leuven from above

A few days ago I visited the bell tower of Leuven University Library (located on Ladeuze plein). The tower hosts one of the largest carillons in Europe (it even was the largest for some time). Normally the tower isn’t accessible to the public, but it’s possible to visit it once or twice a year, with the excursion to carillon followed by a nice concert of carillon music.

The excursion was lead by Luc Rombouts, carillionist and the official bell ringer of Leuven.

The picture above shows the University Library with the tower photographed in twilight (more than a year ago). We visited the tower under bright daylight, and almost whole Leuven can be observed from the tower.

The first picture is the view at Stella Artois and the channel to Mechelen:
Leuven from above
The second photo is the view at Leuven station (with construction works on the other side of the railway) and new city hall:
Leuven from above

And here is the rest of it.

Leuven – pictures of Oude Markt

To continue on previous post – a few pics from Oude Markt in Leuven. Oude Markt is a nice medieval square in the center of the city. Cobblestone surface, old buildings on all 4 sides full of cafes, bars and restaurants. You can see how it looks in a usual week day evening.

Oude markt

Oude markt

Oude markt

Pictures of Leuven

I didn’t realize that I have too few pictures of my home town until I got a request from a customer a few weeks ago. Luckily the weather is nice lately so I went to the center of Leuven to take some pictures.
Leuven stadhuis
The City Hall of Leuven is nice, so I took some photos at the end of the day, when the lights started to turn on but the sky wasn’t completely dark yet.

A few more pictures of the City Hall
Leuven stadhuis

City Hall of Leuven
I went also to Oude Markt the same day. For those who doesn’t know Leuven Oude Markt is a nice old square surrounded by medieval buildings – it is full of bars and restaurants and some people call it the “largest bar in Europe”. It will be the subject of my next blog post.

Leuven station in twilight

One more photo of Leuven railway station that I made almost a year ago. This time you could see a large version if you click on picture (and then click “All sizes” above the picture).

Leuven station

Few quick notes

Belgian photographer Bert Stephani has published in his blog an invitation to Canon Discovery Days in Anderlecht with free workshop that Bert will conduct. The event will be in Dutch and French.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II starts appearing in the shops. B&H has it listed for $2,699.95 with indication that they expect it in the beginning of December. Checking German portal idealo I found several listings for around 2,200 Euro with camera not being available; but there is one entry for 2,400 Eur and two for 2,500 Eur showing the camera is available from stock. So I hope we will soon see the hands-on reviews and tests of Canon EOS 5D Mark II.

For those living in Leuven – note that the city hall services are moving from the center of the city to the new office next to the railway station. They will be open at new address from the 2nd of December.

Photographing in Leuven

The weather Friday afternoon wasn’t good at all – gloomy gray skies and rain. I had to photograph an artist (composer and performer). She was tired, I was tired, and everything was gray and wet – not an ideal scenario. And my radio flash slaves didn’t work (I forgotten to switch them off last time and the batteries died). Normally I check everything before the shooting – camera, lenses, batteries, flash cards – but I didn’t check the slaves and of course they didn’t work. So I had to use only 1 flash on not so long cable…

Nevertheless we spent a few hours and got a satisfactory result.

This is one of several pictures that we selected together:
Olesya Rostovskaya

Park of UZ Pelenberg hospital

Apparently the park of UZ Pelenberg is very nice. UZ Pelenberg is a division of UZ Gasthausberg hospital on Leiven. It is located not far from Leuven and apparently has a very nice park.

Park of UZ Pelenberg

I was there yesterday afternoon (for family reasons). Although bright sun isn’t my favorite lighting for landscape photography, but with many old trees around it looks nice even that way. Just my small G9, no polarizer (unfortunately)…

Leuven station in the rain

It’s gray and rainy day today after two weeks of sun. It reminded me about the picture of Leuven station I made last winter…
Leuven railway station in the rain
I like railway stations. People waiting, people coming and leaving, trains coming and traing passing by… Leuven is my of my favorite stations (it looks nice and it’s not far from my house) so don’t get surprised if you will see it again 🙂

Strobist lighting

I often use flash for outdoor photography under daylight, but I still need to practice “strobist” style lighting in the dusk.

One particular setup I was thinking about is to repeat Leuven station photo with flash-lit figure of a commuter. I am not fully satisfied with the result I got but I think it’s decent for the first attempt.
Teenager waiting for train
It was made a couple of months ago but I din’t have a combination of free time and good weather to try to make it better.